Using as Your Georgia Travel Guide

Let’s examine how we can use as a guide for your vacation and travel plans in Georgia.

First, however, you need to understand what the Georgia Tourist Guide is, and what it is not. is intended to be a comprehensive travel guide for the state of Georgia.

The Guide’s objective is to encourage in-state and out-of-state tourism by communicating many of the wonderful things our great state has to offer visitors.

We provide tourists with an easy-to-use tool that will help them identify the exciting Things to Do, excellent Places to Eat, and satisfying Places to Stay in our great state.

Our travel guide marries the needs of the tourist with the promotional needs of those businesses and organizations engaged in Georgia travel.

In order to effectively achieve this objective, we partner with the important tourist industry organizations to provide tourists with comprehensive, up-to-date information.

We have many articles that describe the various travel regions in Georgia.

In addition, those organizations that wish to promote their communities are able to provide you with vacation and travel ideas pertaining to their local communities, including historic sites, cultural venues and attractions, upcoming events, and other pertinent travel-related information.

Not all communities will promote themselves on our Guide, but you can rest assured those that do will welcome you with open arms.

Likewise, travel or tourism businesses can advertise on our guide at a very cost-effective rate and can change their advertisements as often as they like or need at no cost – a great incentive to maintain their advertisements.

The businesses can provide enough information for you to make vacation and travel plans and can link you to their website for even more details. Businesses can offer specials in their ads to further encourage your patronage.

The businesses that advertise on our website will tend to be the better businesses in their industry and know the value of advertising and educating you, the customer.

You should be aware of a couple of important facts. First, we do not list every business, every motel, every restaurant, etc. in an area. There are other websites that do this. We simply provide businesses an easy way to promote themselves to you.

On our website, you will find quality businesses that desire you as a customer. Second, we do not rate businesses as to their quality, nor do we provide a mechanism for customers to share feedback about their travel experiences.

We do not feel comfortable as to the accuracy of some of these, and we do not want to have an advertiser pay for an ad on our website and simultaneously allow someone to make disparaging comments about that business.

Discovering Georgia Travel Ideas

Perhaps you know where you are going and just want to finalize an itinerary for your trip. Maybe you are not sure where you would like to go and are looking for some ideas.

Or perhaps you would like to do something out of the ordinary! Regardless, has the information and the tools to help you formulate your Georgia travel plans.

You can discover great travel ideas in a number of ways on First, you should read the articles that are written about each travel region. These appear when you click on the region name on the menu in the left column.

There also other articles about each of the travel areas within the regions. To see these you can click on ARTICLES on the bar menu at the bottom of each page, which will list out all articles on the website. Also when you do a SEARCH, there will be three tabs at the top of the Search Results page.

The “General Info” tab will list all articles that apply to the state and those that just apply to that specific region, including travel area articles. If you know the specific city (community) that you wish to travel, click on the Quick Links, Featured Cities/Towns, in the lower-left column.

You can quickly go to a promotional article about a specific community and get detailed information about attractions (such as historic sites, cultural attractions) and upcoming events as well as links to specific websites for even more information.

Finally, use the SEARCH menu on the left column and just do some searches in each of the Regions/Areas for Things to Do or Places to Stay. Browse through some of these advertisements and you will find plenty of great ideas.

Also, make use of the Quick Links menu at the lower-left column. Many of the top travel businesses in the state promote themselves in the Featured Businesses.

In addition, there are links that will take you to many historic and cultural attractions in the state. There are many different ways to locate travel and vacation ideas on

Using the Guide to Make Travel Plans
First, you should read and understand the basics about using the Georgia Tourist Guide, which can be found at the First Time Here article. At the top of the website select My Account and you can register and establish an account on the website.

This will allow you to save your travel plans via the “Flag This” feature. Whenever you find a business ad that interests you, you can Flag the ad and it will appear in the Travel Ideas box on the right. You can then hyperlink back to this ad at any time during the session.

When you have an account set up on the Guide, you can save the flagged items and come back to them during another session – even days later.

Not only can you map an individual ad, but within your account, you can map all of your flagged items at once and see where they are in relation to each other.

Note that when you do a search and several ads are returned and listed that you can flag all of these items at once.

The flagged items will show up as Search ID 1 (or 2, etc.). When you click on this, all of the ads in that group will appear. You can also map all of these items at once and see how they relate geographically to each other.

Georgia Tourist Guide endeavors to become a trusted and favored resource for planning leisure travel within the state, and we welcome any inquiries or suggestions you may have to help us better serve you.

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