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"100 Years. . . A Legacy of Unity and Diversity" ....
Fitzgerald, by nature of her founding, appeals to people from every state. At a time when the fires of hatred against Yankees still burned passionately in the hearts of most Georgians, a Union Soldiers' Colony sprang up almost overnight in a pine forest only ten miles from the scene of the capture of the President of the Confederacy. That Colony, which became the City of Fitzgerald, made history peculiar unto itself--history unparalleled in our nation.

Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1992

Fitzgerald’s National Register Downtown Historic District features pedestrian friendly amenities including over 26 blocks of historic streetscape, the Grand Plaza Park, The Grand Theater and Conference Center, the Carnegie Center, The Stokoe-Davis Parking Garden, The Blue & Gray Museum, restored Courthouse, restored City Hall, Fire Engine Museum, Farmer’s Market; and an eclectic grouping of architecture, shops, eateries, and activities to please your palette.

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Jefferson Davis Historic Site

There are several attractions to enjoy when visiting Fitzgerald. Explore the capture site of the president of the Confederacy at the Jefferson Davis Historic Site. Tour the thirteen-acre wooded park, the Civil War museum, and three memorials at 338 Jeff Park Davis Road (off Hwy 32 East, 9 miles from Fitzgerald).

Come slide down the antique fire pole, don a fire helmet and learn the evolution of fire fighting from the 1890’s to the present. Manned by real members of the Fitzgerald Fire Department, this museum will bring back your childhood awe of racing engines, clanging bells, and heroic firemen in action.

Fire Engine Museum

Tthe A,B, & A Railroad Depot was built at the turn of the century, during the height of American Spanish Mission Revival. Built around 1902 when the Atlanta and Birmingham Railroad came to town, unique features include the terra cotta tile roof, shed type eaves and Mission Style parapets. The passenger areas and various offices now house City Hall. Stories abound that when the city was being built and the rails were laid, Southerners came by train to "gawk" at the Yankees!

The Blue and Gray Museum is located in the original baggage room of the depot. The museum houses many artifacts and memorabilia important in the City's founding, as well as numerous Civil War relics.

A,B, & A Railroad Depot - The Blue and Gray Museum

Located in a historical railroad depot, the entire space of the Blue & Gray Museum has been renovated and redesigned to reveal the remarkable founding story of Fitzgerald and its roots in the Civil War. More than 1200 objects, photographs, household items, memorabilia and rare artifacts are now displayed in new and refinished cases and in specially fabricated sections. Each item has been carefully coded to help the visitor understand its historical significance. Many important artifacts are on display for the first time.

The Hall of Honor - Literally the heart of the Museum, this section represents a Shacktown tent where early pioneers lived. Inside, you will find the names of the pioneer Civil War Veterans who founded the City and a beautiful over-head display of rare swords and canes. In addition, you may choose to participate in history by having your photograph made with your state flag and displayed in the Hall of Honor.

Marching as One - This professionally produced documentary is shown in a dedicated room in the Museum. The film is narrated by Beth Davis, the Blue & Gray's founder, and Wilbur Fitzgerald, a professional actor, who tell the harmony founding story of Fitzgerald through rare archival photographs of the earliest years of the City.

Historic Homes
Harris House - 605 South Lee Street. Ca 1905. This Queen Anne style house was originally built for the Dr. Russell family. It was converted in the 1980's to a personal care home. It is typical of Queen Anne style with its tower and turrets and its wraparound porch. This house is also noble for its rich use and variety of exterior siding materials an interesting textures.

Glover House-412 West Central Avenue. Constructed in 1900. The walls of this intriguing Georgian plan house are constructed of granitoid. Especially interesting is the decorative use of shingles and wrap-around porch with its imposing Victorian turret. (The Fitzgerald Granitoid Company also produced the vitrified brick used on the streets in the downtown historic district.)

Evergreen Cemetery - What's in a Name?

Fitzgerald's roots in the Civil War and its remarkable founding story are told through its streets named for Yank and Reb Generals. The town's history is also revealed in the street names in Evergreen Cemetery, the same name as the cemetery over which the famous Civil War Battle at Gettysburg was fought.
The story of that battle is told in the street names in the historical northwest section of the cemetery, west of the Cemetery Road entrance. Remarkably, the area was laid out in a manner which mimics the terrain and army positions of the battle. Look for Taneytown Road, Cemetery Ridge Road, Emmitsburg Road and Seminary Ridge Road and Little Round Top Lane, named for the hill where Colonel Lawrence Chamberlain led a daring bayonet charge at Gettysburg.

Evergreen Cemetery

Bella Rue Plaza
French Market atmosphere with 40 shops under one roof. Handmade pocketbooks, mosaic furniture, stained glass, home decor, garden accessories, art, antique furniture, personalized children's books, children's clothing, jewelry and much more! Also a deli cafe featuring gourmet coffees and pastries. Hours Monday-Saturday, 10 am -6 pm. While there check out Nabila's Garden Restaurant which serves up a great Southern cuisine.
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