Georgia National Wildlife Refuges

The coast of Georgia is lined with a string of barrier islands in which the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service operates and maintains several wildlife refuges. These refuges are teeming with birds and other wildlife. Most, but not all, are open to the public. Those that are accessible offer the nature lover incredible opportunities to explore and bird watch. Two others are located in the central part of the state.

Below are links to the websites for each of the National Wildlife Refuges that are in the state of Georgia. These websites are very informative and can answer your questions about the refuge.

National Wildlife Refuges in which Main Visitor Entrance Is in Georgia:
Banks Lake National Refuge
Blackbeard Island National Refuge
Bond Swamp National Refuge
Harris Neck National Refuge
Okefenokee National Refuge
Piedmont National Refuge
Wassaw National Refuge
Wolf Island National Refuge

National Wildlife Refuges in which Main Visitor Entrance Is in South Carolina:
Savannah National Refuge
Tybee National Refuge

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