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Visitors to Sapelo Island can see virtually every facet of a barrier island’s natural community, from the forested uplands, to the vast salt marsh, and the complex beach and dunes systems. The mainland Visitor Center brings to life both the natural and cultural history of Sapelo, while guided island tours highlight the African-American community of Hog Hammock, University of Georgia Marine Institute, Reynolds Mansion and newly restored lighthouse. Built in 1820, the lighthouse was in service until 1905 when it was deactivated. Following its 1998 restoration, it once again became a working aid in navigation. The historic Reynolds Mansion may be used for group conferences and retreats, with all meals included. A campground is available for groups of 15-25.

6,110-Acre Reserve on a 16,006-Acre Barrier Island
Visitor Center (in Meridian)
Guided Tours (reservations required)
Marsh and Beach Walks
Reynolds Mansion (groups of 16-29 only)
Pioneer Campground (groups of 15-25 only)

Sapelo Island Visitor Center
Route 1, Box 1500
Darien, GA 31305

Reynolds Mansion
P.O. Box 15
Sapelo Island, GA 31327

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 15
Sapelo Island, GA 31327

Location: The Sapelo ferry and visitor center are located in Meridian, 8 miles northeast of Darien, off Ga. Hwy. 99.