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Rogers House - Built in 1809

This 1809 museum is furnished with period pieces.

The residence is a good example of an I-House (aka Piedmont Plain), an early vernacular house form popular in the Upland South. Stylistically, the home is Folk Victorian, meaning Victorian decoration - such as the porch balusters, sawn brackets and frieze - has been applied to an otherwise simple house form. The rectangular transom and entrance sidelights point to the home's earlier construction date.

Rose Cottage – Circa 1891

Rose Cottage has been restored to reflect its original charm. Adeline Rose, a woman who was born into slavery, built this historic house. She worked in town washing and ironing at 50 cents a load and most of her early work was done for the boarders of the Hardy House, which was owned by the mother of the famous comedian Oliver Hardy. This was Adeline Rose’s home for 68 years.