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Rock City will amaze you ... it's in our nature!

Located atop Lookout Mountain, just 6 miles from downtown Chattanooga, Rock City is a true marvel of nature featuring massive ancient rock formations, gardens with over 400 native plant species, and breathtaking "See 7 States" panoramic views. Rock City is splendid year-round; “Each season there's a new reason to visit!” And get your cameras ready for some fantastic shots!

Start your morning with a biscuit and hot coffee at the Big Rock Grill. Take an unforgettable journey along the Enchanted Trail where each step reveals natural beauty and wonders along the woodland path. Follow the stone path that winds through massive rock boulders. Each step is a discovery! Thread yourself through the amazing Needle’s Eye, shoulder-to-shoulder with tall boulders that allow only slivers of sunlight to penetrate the shadows. Listen to the hush of nature where cardinals and finches flutter. Will you cross the thrilling and challenging Swing-A-Long Bridge, an engineering marvel that stretches a full 180 feet through the blue sky, will you prefer the rock-solid Stone Bridge? Either choice rewards you with awesome views. Cast your wish upon the 140-foot High Falls. See if you can spot the Stone Face, keeping watch over the Chattanooga Valley and Missionary Ridge. Stand mightily upon world-famous Lover’s Leap or Eagle's Nest and wrap yourself in the magnificent view. Atop the summit is the Seven States Flag Court which stands as a lasting tribute to each of the seven states that can be seen from this world-famous view! Remember to stop by our Gift Shop and buy a world-famous See Rock City birdhouse!