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The Road to Tara Museum offers two tours.

Southern Belles and Whistles Tour

The Southern Belles and Whistles Tour gives visitors a glimpse into the antebellum South through a unique combination of tour stops and professionally narrated tours. The tour offers a look at life seen through the eyes of a number of historical characters, including a Civil War soldier recounting the Battle of Jonesboro and a priest who watches in wonder as the first train pulls through the brand new Jonesboro Depot during the heyday of the railroad. The Southern Belles and Whistles Tour also offers a look at the home of Gone with the Wind, as well as modern stops designed to increase visitors' understanding and appreciation of this historic city. The tour was revamped in honor of Clayton County's 150th anniversary and is designed to showcase that history through unique narrative and visual aids.

Pete Bonner’s Gone with the Wind Tour

Immerse yourself in Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With The Wind on this tour that explores the details of the book and Margaret Mitchell’s unique ties to Jonesboro. Author and historian Peter Bonner gives you the inside scoop behind Margaret Mitchell and the Fitzgerald family, why Gone With The Wind was set in Jonesboro, and the historical significance of the Battle of Jonesboro.


Exit 228 off I-75, follow the brown signs to the Road to Tara Museum and Gone With The Wind historic district.