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For the Cemetery
Do NOT trust the map. The Resaca Confederate Cemetery is north of Resaca. Go north on Highway 41 and turn right onto Cemetery Road. There are markers.

For the Battlefield
At exit 320 off I-75, turn west. The Battlefield is just to the west of the Interstate. The park is under development.

During the early years of the War Between the States, Resaca served as a staging area for troops from the deep south headed northward along the railroad to the battlefields in Tennessee and Virginia. Several local companies of Confederate troops were formed and trained there.

However, on May 14, 1864 a major battle ensued between Union troops under McPherson and Sherman and Confederate troops under General Hood. It would be one of the bloodiest battles of Sherman’s Atlanta campaign. On the morning of May 14 about 150,000 troops representing elements of four armies (three Federal, one Confederate) were situated in and near Resaca, Georgia ready for battle. The two sides formed an upside-down "L" that's left rested on the Oostanaula River with the right on the Conasauga River. Johnston's position was highly concentrated, which would allow him to direct massive firepower upon expected Union assaults at any point. The Southerners had had time to heavily fortify much of their line, especially in front of the village proper. The Resaca Battlefield website has a detailed account of the battle.

Resaca Confederate Cemetery
Resaca Confederate Cemetery, the oldest Confederate cemetery in Georgia, is home to over 400 confederate soldiers who died during the Battle of Resaca which took place May 14 and 15, 1864.

Off Hwy. 41 S; cemetery entrance at Whitfield/Gordon County line.