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The Parks at Chehaw has a WIld Animal Park, a super kid's playground, a WIld Trail and a bicycle motorcross track.

Wild Animal Park

Originally laid out by noted naturalist Jim Fowler (of TV's Wild Kingdom), Chehaw Wild Animal Park features natural habitat exhibits with native and exotic animals.
Visitors can stroll our scenic boardwalks through the cypress swamps and see our many animal exhibits, such as:
• African Black Rhino
• American Bald Eagles
• Free Ranging Lemurs
• Cheetah
• Bison
• Zebra and many more !
Kids will love the Children's Farm close by.
• Miniature Horses
• Alpacas
• Pigs
• Goats
Then enjoy special programs at the Amphitheater and tour the Reptile and Small Animal House.
The Park also has Southwest Georgia's largest area for kids to frolic on the wild side. Swing, climb, play music and picnic before heading inside the wild animal park. Free with park admission.

Wild Trail

The Parks at Chehaw breaks ground on new Wild Trail. Beginning Labor Day weekend, The Parks at Chehaw will begin promoting active and healthy lifestyles for southwest Georgia with the opening of the Wild Trail. The Wild Trail is a one mile loop which will showcase the natural beauty of the park. The Wild Trail is ideal for walkers of all ages because it is located in a safe and well lit environment. Serious walkers and joggers will appreciate that the trail is laid on a path of foot friendly crushed granite, which is designed to make walking and jogging more comfortable.

BMX Bicycle Track

The Parks at Chehaw BMX is a bicycle motorcross (BMX) track located inside the park through generous support of the Friends of Chehaw Conservation Society and the National Bicycle League (NBL). For those of you who have never heard of BMX and NBL, we are a non-profit, community-run bicycle racing organization dedicated to providing a safe, family-oriented environment for children (and occasionally parents) who would like to race bicycles in a motorcross environment.