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Visit the Old Mill Motorcycle Museum in Historic Juliette, GA

Located in the old Juliette Grist Mill, Les White has restored over two dozen vintage motorcycles dating from the 1930’s to the 1960’s. Eight bikes claimed “winner’s circle status” – an honor bestowed by the Antique Motorcycle Club of America that judges motorcycles based on accuracy of restoration.

Open Weekends from Noon- 5:00 PM

White displays vintage motorcycles collected in the last six years, ranging in age from the 1930 s to 1960s. Eight bikes claimed "winners' circle" status - a coveted prize from the Antique Motorcycle Club of America that judges bikes on a point system for accuracy in restoration of everything from tires, exhaust pipes and seat springs to rear brakes, generators and taillights.

Each motorcycle took about 315-400 hours to restore, and each is now worth between $20,000 and $35,000. Finding old parts is necessary for restoration, so it will be "almost impossible" to restore antique bikes in already in such limited supply that cost will become prohibitive. another five to 10 years. Parts are already in such limited supply that cost will become prohibitive.

White spent about $150,000 renovating the four-floor grist mill. He first replaced the gristmill's giant wooden, multi-paned windows that were "all busted out." He cleaned out "feces from birds, bats, and bugs." filled holes in cement floors, and removed graffiti. An old cement grain bin - about 8-feet high covering about 1,000 sq ft - was destroyed by sledge hammer and allowed to fall through a hole "floor to floor to the bottom," White said. A work crew . . . quit after a couple of days, because it was such "hard work." So White, his father and some friends did the rest. New electrical work and plumbing were required. Three 5-ton air-conditioning units were installed to cool just half of the building.