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All aboard Marietta’s only trolley tour!

Join us for a one-hour, fully-narrated exploration of our historic city. Experience Marietta’s rich heritage, from the vibrant Downtown Square, past grand Antebellum homes, to the battlefields at Kennesaw Mountain.

A classic design with a historic name, Uncle Ruban reminds us of the way people moved around the city in the early 20th century. Marietta’s only trolley guides you throughout the historic city in style. From the traditional colors and park bench seating to the timeless clang...clang of the bell, join us for a trip back in time.

History on Uncle Ruban
On a sunny July 17, 1905, the square in Marietta was buzzing with excitement as the first streetcar known as “UNCLE RUBAN” connecting the small town of Marietta to Atlanta was put in use. In the square, with dirt streets, the buggies and wagons stood. Enthusiasm was in the air, and everyone was making plans for the daring venture and the unbelievable speed which would take them to Atlanta. One could board the streetcar at the courthouse, where a tolling of the gong in the courthouse tower started it on its’ way on to several points of embarkation around the square. There were many stops on its trip to Atlanta to pick up passengers. To mention a few --- Fair Oaks, El Sitio, Pat Mell, etc. The final destination was the Georgia Power Company on Forsyth Street in downtown Atlanta.

Private Charters Available for
Group Tours * Weddings * Birthdays * Corporate Outings * Special Events
Our trolley seats 30 and is perfect for birthdays, showers, corporate outings or special events. Our trolley is handicap-accessible, accommodating up to two wheelchairs (please call ahead).