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Welcome to the Marietta Museum of History located in Marietta, Georgia. Open since 1996, our museum is housed on the second floor of the historic Kennesaw House. Originally a cotton warehouse built in 1845, it was remodeled to become the Fletcher House Hotel in 1855. During the Civil War the hotel temporarily served as a makeshift hospital and morgue. For this reason, the building has become the subject of many stories and local ghost folklore. This notoriety has led to appearances on CNN, The History Channel and PBS.

Today the museum houses four galleries featuring collections from Local History, Home Life and the Military. Unique to our museum is the Civil War collection featuring the history of the Georgia Military Institute, the story of the only slave buried in the Marietta Confederate Cemetery and the distinction of involvement in the infamous Union plot to steal the Confederate Locomotive called The General.

The Marietta Museum of History is located on the second floor of the Kennesaw House, just steps west of the historic Marietta Square. We are located next door to the Marietta Welcome Center, facing the railroad tracks. Parking is available in the public parking lot on the corner of the 120 Loop and Mill Street. For a map or directions