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Welcome to the Yellow River Game Ranch!

About the Game Ranch

The Yellow River Game Ranch, Georgia’s oldest animal preserve, is now celebrating its 45th year of providing children and adults a 'nose to nose' experience with wildlife. The preserve has over six hundred animals and birds. The Game Ranch is open seven days a week except for certain holidays, 9:30 am to 6:00 pm, with the last ticket sold at 5 pm.

Stroll along a mile-long trail on 24 wooded acres and encounter over six hundred highly sociable birds and animals indigenous to the state of Georgia. White-tailed deer, bunnies, buffalo, sheep, kid goats, black bears and a bevy of new-born animals are waiting to be fed, admired and petted on a "nose-to-nose" basis. We specialize in "people-friendly" wildlife.

Explore the rustic trail where newborn fawns are a delightful favorite during the summer months-- feed deer who come right up to greet you! Huge bears stand up for special treats and our overhead "catwalk" allows an extraordinary view of a very feline cougar.

There's the "Billy Goat Gruff Memorial Bridge" and the super popular "Bunny Burrows." We even have one of the largest herd of buffalo east of the Mississippi, roaming in the back meadow!
You'll have our animals eating out of your hand-- literally! Their favorite treats are available along the trail. Don't forget to bring your camera and video camera! You'll capture the magical interaction between your children and our Game Ranch animals.

And, Of Course There’s Beau
Many years ago, the staff of The Yellow River Game Ranch noticed that General Lee did, indeed, emerge on Groundhog Day; and we decided to start watching him a bit more closely since we felt Atlanta represented the weather for the entire Southeast.

"Beau," as his intimates refer to him, works only on February 2nd and worldwide media attention follows his every amble. "Groundhog Hotlines," located only a few feet away from Beau's Weathering Heights Plantation, open for advisories at 6:00 am EST, and calls come in from as far away as Germany, England and even the sunny State of Hawaii.

Beau has been recognized for his public service to Americans by four Georgia Governors; and has twice been commended for the accuracy of his predictions by The National Weather Service. He has received honorary doctorates from The University of Georgia – "DWP, Doctor of Weather Prognostication" and Georgia State University – "Doctor of Southern Groundology."