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Jekyll Island History
Throughout its history, Jekyll Island is a place where people have imagined an alternative. People have come here to be different, and they still do. From Native Americans, to English colonists, to French privateers, to the members of the Jekyll Island Club - people have imagined Jekyll Island as a place where dreams can be built.
The Island's present day prominence as a beloved vacation destination was prefaced by an era of unrivaled status and prestige. Beginning in 1886 and continuing for over four gilded decades, the Island was the exclusive domain of the renowned Jekyll Island Club - the winter retreat for some of America's most elite families.
Today, the Jekyll Island Club National Historic Landmark District is a 240-acre, riverfront compound and one of the largest, ongoing restoration projects in the southeastern United States.

The Jekyll Island Museum and History Center
Here you can view a video presentation on Jekyll Island’s history, see displays of artifacts from the Jekyll Island Club era, and obtain tickets for tours of the 240-acre National Historic Landmark District.

The Jekyll Island Museum presents exhibits daily, except for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. These exhibits are based on the museum’s extensive photograph collection and unique artifacts. They are housed in the Jekyll Island Club Stables on Stable Road and are open to the public free of charge.

Additional exhibits are also present in each of the museum’s historic house touring properties. These exhibit spaces are accessible on a variety of tours, which vary seasonally. Tours depart from the Jekyll Island Museum on Stable Road, (912) 635-4036.

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