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Welcome to the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame!

The Georgia Sports Hall of Fame and Museum in Macon, Georgia, is the country’s largest state sports museum. The 43,000 square feet state-of-the-art museum houses over 3,000 artifacts. From the old style ticket booths to the brick columns in the rotunda and special lighting, the museum invites visitors to experience the history of sports in Georgia with more than 14,000 square feet of high-energy exhibit space and a Hall of Fame corridor that honors the over 300 inductees.

Click here for a List of Inductees.

Permanent Exhibits- Georgia Sports Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Corridor - The current class of Georgia Sports hall of Fame Inductees, over 300 previous inductees, and the categories in which an athlete, coach or contributor can be inducted are highlighted here.

Rotunda/Theater - These cases house rotating exhibits. Please check the website for more information regarding coming attractions, and exhibit openings.

High School - Championship high school athletic teams past and present are showcased in the High School gallery.

Collegiate - From the University of Georgia to Georgia Tech, and Dalton State to Valdosta State, this area features Collegiate sports teams from across the state.

Olympics & Paralympics - This section focuses on the Centennial Olympics which were hosted in Atlanta, Georgia in 1996 as well as the many Olympic medalists that have been from Georgia. This area also devotes space to the 1996 Paralympics.

Professional - Boxing, Hockey, Women’s Basketball, NASCAR, Golf, and of course, Football, Baseball, and Basketball. These are just a few of the sports highlighted in the professional sports area.

Interactive area/On-air Media Desk - In the interactive area you can shoot a basketball, work on your football skills, test your racing prowess in our NASCAR simulator, or play GSHF Trivia. The On-air Media Desk allows visitors to recreate famous sports calls from the likes of Larry Munson and Skip Caray.

Nike of Samothrace -A statute of the Greek Goddess of Victory, Nike, was discovered by French Archeologist Charles Champoiseau in 1863 on the Greek island of Samothrace broken into 180 pieces. The statue was reconstructed and has been prominently displayed at the Louvre Museum in Paris ever since. The only full-scale replica made from a cast of the original is at the GSHF in all of her gold leafed glory.