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Agrirama, Georgia's Museum of Agriculture & Historic Village

Georgia Agrirama, the State's Living History Center, first opened to the public on July 1, 1976. Today, Agrirama consists of four distinct areas: traditional farm community of the 1870's, progressive farmstead of the 1890's, industrial sites complex, and a rural town. Over 35 structures have been relocated to the 95 acre site and faithfully restored or preserved as they appeared at the turn of the century. Costumed interpreters are on location daily to explain and demonstrate the lifestyle and activities of the period. Each year, additional structures and artifacts are being acquired and restored for visitors to enjoy. If you haven't seen the Agrirama recently, you haven't seen the Agrirama!

When you visit the historic Agrirama, you journey back to another time, and for a little while, enjoy exploring a different and more peaceful world. The people in our community range from the wealthy merchant, to the homespun doctor, to the isolated farm family of the wiregrass area. You will see men and women performing daily tasks as their ancestors did over a hundred years ago. It was a simple, but good life. Days of hard work carried with them the satisfaction of a job well-done and nights followed with peaceful sleep. It was a period when values were important, a man’s word was his bond, and there were no locks on doors.

Explore the farms...listen to the mixture of barnyard sounds...see bacon and ham curing in the smoke house and vegetables preserved in the canning shed. Experience everyday 19th century-style farm life activities, from planting and harvesting in the fields to cooking, spinning, quilt making and more in the farmhouses. All of the structures have authentic furnishings of the period and are staffed by costumed interpreters. Plus, children love Agrirama's barnyard animals. They can visit with them up close and explore all the museum's farm buildings while learning about the region's rural heritage.

Travel back in time... to the end of the 19th century where you can spend an hour or a day enjoying experiences of life a hundred years ago. Our friendly staff will share with you the history of the region as they continue the daily activities of their community, whether in the farmhouses, fields, one-room school, or the water-grist mill.

Ride the logging train... into the woods and enjoy the view of the musuem site. Disembark at the railroad depot, walk down to the sawmill and turpentine still, see the cooper's shed and the blacksmith's shop before crossing the street to the working print shop.

Stroll up main street... of the rural town to the Feed and Seed Store, the Print Shop, and Drug Store. Get a taste of how consumers shopped 100 years ago. It is here one can see an original marble top soda fountain which is now considered an antique.

Complete your visit... in the original Victorian home of Tifton's founder. It is here that one can witness 19th century family life. The home is designed with rich, thick molding, tall ceilings, antique furnishings, and hardwood floors. It is decorated with an original wood burning stove, early English paintings, ornate silk wallpaper along the walls, and fine china. Learn about the 19th century style and fashion from the colors and patterns of the home as well as the sampled clothing worn by the original owners.

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