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Coca-Cola Space Science Center
Groups of 20-30 can experience a simulated mission in the Challenger Learning Center on an appointment basis at the Coca-Cola Space Science Center. The Mead Observatory is an attraction open to the public once a month for astronomical viewing. There is an admission fee to experience hands-on exhibits, shows in the Omnisphere Theatre and Challenger Learning Center missions. While visiting the Center, step across the street and visit Heritage Park, an interactive tribute to Columbus' industrial past.

CCSSC is a division of the Columbus State University and opened in 1996 for the purpose of public education in space science, physics and astronomy. There are interactive displays in the lobby for visitors to enjoy, including flight simulators. The Omnisphere Theater planetarium, one of the most state-of-the-art theaters in the world, combines a high-resolution video projection system with laser effects and concert-quality sound. The Mead Observatory was established specifically for astronomy outreach. The observatory’s fleet of portable telescopes is used to provide public astronomy programs that reach nearly 10,000 people annually.

You need to visit the CCSSC website to understand what the Coca-Cola Space Science Center has to offer.