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Canyon Grill Since 1996

We are not about exotic ingredients and creative fusion. What we do is, buy great products, give them a lot of care and do our best not to mess them up in preparation.

The upscale Lookout Mountain restaurant takes pride in the freshness of its fish, and all other offerings, by using overnight carriers to deliver the finest cuisine available. Alaska is is the area of choice for much of what the Canyon Grill offers, such as the King Crab served last week, that was ‘so sweet, you didn’t need butter’. The salmon and other species of fish come from that North American locale when available, though the restaurant also ships fresh catch from Canada, pulls its Gulf of Mexico catch from Texas, and brings home Atlantic tastes from Boston.
• –: Chris Conley, The Dade County Sentinel

How We Do It Differently
1. Restaurants say something like “freshest seafood flown in daily”.
For the most part this is one of the “four big lies”. The seafood may have flown somewhere on one of its days, but not to that restaurant, and not today. We do not “fly daily” but we do fly twice each week, and unlike any other restaurant, we know if we purchase directly from fisherman who “day boat”, pack the fish and over-night fed-ex direct to us. We also buy fresh trout and catfish from local growers. You will not get fresher fish anywhere.
2. We are one of the few restaurants that store all our meat, chicken, fish and pork under ice rather than refrigeration. This is expensive and labor intensive, but well worth the effort. Ice does not dehydrate and dilute flavors the way refrigeration does. Your captain will be glad to show you our system.
3. We love and care for our employees. It is impossible to be a great restaurant with turnover. Most of our employees have been here 5-10+ years. We provide a full program of fringe benefits to reward long term employment. This is critical to our superior product.

Call Ahead for Priority Seating at Canyon Grill
We do not offer reservations; however, you may call in and pre-list your name on the wait-list. You will have priority over customers who “walk-in”. It is recommended you call as early as possible as our prime times fill up quickly, 7:00 and 7:30 PM, especially on weekends. We try to keep all wait times short. However, because you may bring your own wine or beer, most customers help themselves to our wine glasses in the lobby and enjoy a glass of their wine while they wait.
Call us directly at 706-398-9510 (a local call from Chattanooga) and leave your name on our priority seating list.

We’re located atop Lookout Mountain, Georgia, on Scenic Hwy.189 at the intersection of highway 136, 17 miles south of Rock City, one mile from Cloudland Canyon State Park.