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2509 Bobby Brown State Park
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This pretty park offers watersports enthusiasts a quiet oasis on 70,000-acre Clarks Hill Lake. Located where the old town of Petersburg once thrived during the 1790s, the park is named in memory of Lt. Robert T. Brown, U.S. Navy, who gave his life in World War II. Petersburg was situated where the Broad and Savannah rivers flow into the Clarks Hill Reservoir, now an outstanding state recreational area. When water levels are low, visitors can see some foundations of the old town and imagine large plantations once flourishing. The park’s location on the largest man-made lake east of the Mississippi River provides excellent boating, skiing and fishing. Yurts, which are like tents made of canvas and wood, offer a unique camping experience. The park's self-guided Land Navigation Courses teach beginners how to use a compass.

665 Acres
70,000-Acre Lake
61 Tent, Trailer, RV Campsites
5 Yurts
2 Picnic Shelters
Group Shelter (seats 80)
Pioneer Campground

Boating – ramp and dock
Canoe and Fishing Boat Rental
Hiking – 1.9 miles of trails
Compass Courses

Located 21 miles southeast of Elberton off Ga. Hwy. 72.