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Welcome to the NATIONAL SCIENCE CENTER, the only science center dedicated to exciting students across the nation about math, science, and technology. At The National Science Center, math and science are not lifeless, boring subjects to be approached with skepticism. Instead, they are fascinating areas of knowledge which are great fun to explore! We strive to ignite the curiosity of young people and instill within them the desire to learn. We want to help America's youth experience the thrill of discovery!
Challenging. Entertaining. Educational. Interactive. Visionary. Meeting the needs of so many in such creative ways. National in scope and national in impact. The National Science Center.
The National Science Center (NSC) is a unique partnership between National Science Center, Inc., a non-profit organization, and the United States Army.
Our Mission:
To be a catalyst that excites America's youth about math, science and technology.

To accomplish this Mission, NSC will:
• Promote science and mathematics education for all ages nationwide.
• Motivate young Americans to seek careers in technology and engineering.
• Produce products and services providing hands-on training in the sciences.
• Operate and maintain a headquarters that functions as a hub for national education programs.
The NSC's headquarters, Fort Discovery, is located on the scenic Riverwalk in downtown Augusta, GA. This 128,000 square-foot family-oriented math and science center fires the imaginations of children and adults by making math, science and technology come alive with 250 hands-on exhibits, custom digital theater programs, portable planetarium, educational workshops and demonstrations as well as being the home-base for an array of national educational outreach programs.
There are plenty of educational opportunities at Fort Discovery. For example, Fort Discovery's sensory theater amazes and entertains visitors with a unique multimedia show that combines projected images on multiple screens with surprising special effects. The result is an exciting, entertaining program for audiences of all ages.