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The mission of the Greater Augusta Arts Council is to advance the arts and thus, enrich the quality of life in Augusta and the Central Savannah River Area. From the youngest child to their great, great grandparents and every socioeconomic and ethnic background we are touching lives everyday. The smallest events are those that make us the most proud. The smiles of the children in our ArtScape Camp, the joy from the performers on the ethnic stage at Arts in the Heart or the elderly man taking his first painting lesson he has wished for since childhood. Our community is built one by one in diverse individuals making up the incredible region we call our home. The GAAC has been here for 35 years weaving the arts into our lives.
Every year, The Greater Augusta Arts Council proudly presents the Annual Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival, Wet Paint Party, Porter Fleming Competition, First Friday and new in 2008, the Westobou Festival, as well as many other events to benefit the arts and humanities throughout the Central Savannah River Area. To learn more about these exciting events please go to the Augusta Arts website.

In September, 2008 Augusta will celebrate the initial Westabou Festival.

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